Medieval sounds of the high middle ages by Volker von Mozart can be heard in August of this year. From 06.08.2019 you can preorder the new release with great rare songs of the middle ages. Performed with a choiced harp by Volker von Mozart, you can listen then to best classical tunes of this period. The time between 10th-15th century will come alive through mysterious harp play. Soon available to download at iTunes and Amazon.

Album notes:

Music of the Middle Ages at Mozart Castle. The musical epoch between the end of the early Middle Ages to the beginning of modern times comes alive with the sounds of "Von Mozart Harfe". But the dark ages of the High and Late Middle Ages, between the 10th and the 15th centuries, also illuminate a light of hope until the birth of the Renaissance. The music composers of these days may have long been forgotten, but their ideas are searching for memory and the songs echo into eternity.


Middle ages music by Volker von Mozart

EAN 4061707217234

Interpret: Volker von Mozart

Title: 1000-1500 Medii Aevi @ Burg Mozart

1. Volker von Mozart O Virtus Sapientiae (Motiv + Motet) SCHALLROLA 00:04:45 DEAR41920939
2. Volker von Mozart Fortuna desperata SCHALLROLA 00:02:03 DEAR41951017
3. Volker von Mozart Se la belle SCHALLROLA 00:02:41 DEAR41979958
4. Volker von Mozart Die Katzenpfote SCHALLROLA 00:03:17 DEAR41935333
5. Volker von Mozart O Rosa Bella SCHALLROLA 00:01:52 DEAR41988065
6. Volker von Mozart Questa fanciull’amor SCHALLROLA 00:01:53 DEAR41974454
7. Volker von Mozart Fi maris de vostre Amour SCHALLROLA 00:01:45 DEAR41988780
8. Volker von Mozart Organum, alleluia SCHALLROLA 00:01:47 DEAR41961227
9. Volker von Mozart De tous bien plane SCHALLROLA 00:02:09 DEAR41988791
10. Volker von Mozart Regali ex progenie SCHALLROLA 00:03:34 DEAR41984132
11. Volker von Mozart Vive le roy SCHALLROLA 00:01:45 DEAR41974702
12. Volker von Mozart Haec dies organum SCHALLROLA 00:03:00 DEAR41983705
13. Volker von Mozart Sanctus SCHALLROLA 00:03:46 DEAR41952580
14. Volker von Mozart Palästinalied SCHALLROLA 00:01:30 DEAR41946372

Middle ages Composers:

1. Hildegard von Bingen
2. Antoine Busnois
3. Gilles Binchois
4. Glogauer Liederbuch Komponisten
5. John Dunstable
6. Francesco Landion
7. Adam de la halle
8. Pérotin
9 Hayne van Ghizeghem
10. Adam von Fulda
11. Josquin Pres
12. Léonin
13. Johannes Ockeghem
14. Walther von der Vogelweide

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