My dear Lords & Noblewomen, what you can fetch here is the way downstairs to the gloomy house music dungeons at Mozartburg. Don´t be afraid of what is waiting for you or what house beast may reside behind this dark walls. Of course and unfortunately you can not be sure to find a progressive house monster or a foolish deep house tune here in one of the studio holes. So catch a breath and step further to take a glance at the visible options. Either a path to listen to the sounds or the lightnign better to download a full music album to be armed against the beast of personal failure. Mighty chains stare at the walls at you but this dungeons here are pretty enough to tell the story of angels. Music echoes of the walls and a wonderful harp sound is heard by a little creature………

Mozartburg house music dungeons
House musid dungeon

Studio for electronic waves

Well, you have never believed to find a studio for electronic music in this Mozartburg cellar. But you are wrong, there is one and Volker has proved to be a good Electro House DJ in this chamber of stillness. However this here is not so quiet as you ever thought of. A noise is heard and an electronic oscillation floating around to search for old forgotten KRAUTROCK TIMES: Please, never considered of such a genre but electronic music once was a domain of puzzled technologists, also influenced by the german way of scientific progression. Elektro is not only in the cable of your cafe device anyway the item of a musical brain that needs powerful electricity. Volker von Mozart works proper in the studio for electronic waves to create a dungeon house style. Influenced by psychodelic rock and deep house. Now it´s you to listen to the songs. Let´s start here with an electronic night music plus ceremonia for an accolade of honour:

Interpret Volker von Mozart
Titel Eine elektronische Nachtmusik
Contributors Performer:
Volker von Mozart
Version House Caeremonia

BeschreibungVon Mozart und die elektronische Nachtmusik. “Eine House Zeremonie erwecke ich zum Leben, im tiefen Kloster der unterirdischen Klänge”. Hörst Du die seichte Tanzmusik, oder wenigstens den unwirklichen Nachhall der Rhythmen, der die ganze Nacht lang durch die Luft schwebt? Dann feiere mit Authentizität, Toleranz und Vertrauen. Kreativität ist fühlbar in schnellen Passagen, andererseits erklingen Themen mit Chill im Abgang. Ist dieses Album Deine besondere Entdeckung? Weshalb lauschen. Durch die Musik wirst Du selber zum Dance-Priester, als Teil dieser Generation.


1. Volker von Mozart World Cup (2018 Theme) IBEATLE DANCE 00:01:58 DEAR41882681
2. Volker von Mozart Trost (Vertrauensbeweis Mix) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:16 DEAR41824063
3. Volker von Mozart Sirene (House Version) IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:08 DEAR41822703
4. Volker von Mozart Zauberbeat (Fun Edit) IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:32 DEAR41861197
5. Volker von Mozart Chillhouse Traum IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:14 DEAR41885628
6. Volker von Mozart Nachttanz Musik IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:55 DEAR41872463
7. Volker von Mozart Tropikal IBEATLE DANCE 00:01:58 DEAR41889551
8. Volker von Mozart Deep (Dance House Version) IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:10 DEAR41856017
9. Volker von Mozart Chillhouse Strand IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:24 DEAR41822649
10. Volker von Mozart Cats (Spring Sound Mix) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:24 DEAR41849166
11. Volker von Mozart Quest (Kritik Version) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:23 DEAR41872523
12. Volker von Mozart Dip (Progressive Version) IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:30 DEAR41813196
13. Volker von Mozart Bann (Deep House) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:14 DEAR41828397
14. Volker von Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Caeremonia Mix) IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:41 DEAR41814276

Studio for electronic waves

Compilation Details
Interpret Volker von Mozart
Titel Studio for Electronic Waves

Volker von Mozart presents his “Studio for Electronic Waves“. First choice music from Germany. Original works and a Bach interpretation dedicated to owners of a lonely heart. However, this album sounds like a meeting of electronic brains. Musically constructed and well sorted to bring your ears the best experience of current electro-pop and ambient takes.


1. Volker von Mozart Brandenburg Concerto No. 1: Allegro Moderato (Electro Version) IBEATLE DANCE 00:04:50 DEAR41863279
2. Volker von Mozart Brandenburg Concerto No. 1: Adagio (Electro Version) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:11 DEAR41838112
3. Volker von Mozart Throne of Lilith (Tammramm Version) IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:01 DEAR41816407
4. This Bionemis Antenna Air Fabrikwerk 00:04:00 DEAR41733378
5. This Bionemis Zeppelin IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:45 DEAR41760856
6. Doc Saw Hauser Dance IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:58 DEAR41757613
7. Wolf Auto Metropolis Fabrikwerk 00:05:00 DEAR41736454
8. Volker von Mozart Nürburgring IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:38 DEAR41759266
9. Volker von Mozart Formel 1 (Radio Edit) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:20 DEAR41772550
10. Äthe Die Musik (Chillen Motiv Version) IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:05:33 DEAR41785882
11. Äthe Raumzeit IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:03:42 DEAR41771931
12. Volker von Mozart Lóng Dragon (Floyjin) IBEATLE DANCE 00:01:26 DEAR41869034


Titel: Super Bowl

Interpreten Volker von Mozart

Contributors Performer:
Volker von Mozart

Haupt-Genre: Pop
Beschreibung Let´s get ready for the super bowl. Volker von Mozart plays the final game with progressive and pop styles. Music that reflects the latest news concerned with electronic music. EDM, house and crossover parts build a a fine environment for the experimental takes but even fashioned sounding compositions. Sophisticated Mozart but the audience even finds the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on this album. The Jupiter Symphony with its second movement and a progressive rhythmical edit. Partly arranged to paint a classical sound picture with industrial colors. Desperately tempo changes struggle with wild effects and swirrling drones round up the value of this notably album. If you havn´t heard it you will loose the opportunity to launch your musical rocket to the jupiter. Super Bowl is the name of the show that you will listen now.


1. Volker von Mozart Super Bowl (2018 Tempo Mix) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:06 DEAR41840608
2. Volker von Mozart Super Bowl (2019 Anthem) IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:52 DEAR41882163
3. Volker von Mozart Super Bowl (2020 Thriller) IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:27 DEAR41899303
4. Volker von Mozart Mozart on Jupiter IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:27 DEAR41825737
5. Volker von Mozart 41. Sinfonie in C-Dur, Köchelverzeichnis 551: 2. Andante cantabile (104 Takte) IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:04:56 DEAR41876124

Titel: Autorennen

Interpreten Volker von Mozart

Contributors Performer:
Volker von Mozart

Haupt-Genre: Prog-House/Electro
Beschreibung Volker von Mozart präsentiert progressive elektronische Tanzmusik. “Im Rausch der Geschwindigkeit wird der Wunsch nach Tempo im Geiste zur Raserei”. Musikalische Variationen über das Thema Motorsport versprechen stattdessen Gelassenheit am Steuer der Sound-Vehicles.


1. Volker von Mozart Formel 1 (Radio Edit) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:20 DEAR41772550
2. Volker von Mozart Formel E IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:22 DEAR41737005
3. Volker von Mozart Nürburgring IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:38 DEAR41759266
4. Volker von Mozart Autoraser (Zu Schnell Motiv Version) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:14 DEAR41741235

Titel: Fußball Dance

Interpret: Volker von Mozart

Contributors Performer: Volker von Mozart

Haupt-Genre: Deep House
BeschreibungFußall Dance ist Housemusik zum Tanzen auf einer bemerkenswerten Single. Der Ball rollt über den Rasen in das musikalische Tor, wenn Volker von Mozart die Renaissance der elektronischen Klänge als “Set me free” Gefühl entdeckt. Dieser Einfluss ist hörbar und die Vokals, die Volker singt, schweben im Raum der spirituellen Gegenwart, bis in den Hyperspace.


1. Volker von Mozart Fußball (Champion Mix) IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:50 DEAR41848383
2. Volker von Mozart Big Ball (Radio Mix) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:48 DEAR41870389
3. Volker von Mozart Dance It (EM Mix) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:48 DEAR41814544

DJ EINS House Party with Volker von Mozart & friends

GENRES Progressive House, House, Electronica / Downtempo, Deep House, Melodic House & Techno

DJ EINS presents some awesome house music tunes. Good vibrations and magic beats for your next house party. Follow this link to DJ EINS