Weihnachten mit Christmas Songs is the name of the album, suddenly in the current itunes charts on position number one. Volker von Mozart has released this work in the year 2018 before christmas, on 23.11. The music album contains top songs of well known german carols and classical “Weihnachtslieder”.

 weihnachten mit christmas songs
Weihnachten mit Christmas Songs – Volker von Mozart

Weihnachten mit Christmas Songs by Volker von Mozart

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EAN-Barcode: 4061707101892

Interpret: Volker von Mozart

Title: Weihnachten mit Christmas Songs


  • Volker von Mozart (Performing Artist)
  • V.W. Schidlowski (Arranger)


Speech: German

Release-date: 23.11.2018

Recommended Price: €7.99 – €9.99

Main-Genre: Weihnachts-Klassiker

List of Songs on the album, Weihanchten mit Christmas Songs:

1. Volker von Mozart – Es ist ein Ros entsprungen IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:03:15 DEAR41823671

2. Volker von Mozart – Leise rieselt der Schnee IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:02:12 DEAR41863925 3. Volker von Mozart – Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:03:24 DEAR41865231

4. Volker von Mozart – Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:02:41 DEAR41863877 5. Volker von Mozart – O du fröhliche IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:02:58 DEAR41844109

6. Volker von Mozart – Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:02:22 DEAR41865164

7. Volker von Mozart – O Tannenbaum IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:02:30 DEAR41864482

8. Volker von Mozart – Still, still, still, weil´s Kindlein schlafen will IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:03:55 DEAR41890615

9. Volker von Mozart – Süßer die Glocken nie klingen IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT 00:03:14 DEAR41883967

Description: Christmas is the time of the songs, with these Christmas songs performed by Volker von Mozart. Classic folk tunes and pious chorale melodies create a festive atmosphere for a peaceful Christmas season. Instrumental music that invites you to sing along, or illuminates the Christmas market.

Il Natale è il momento delle canzoni, con queste canzoni di Natale eseguite da Volker von Mozart. Melodie folk classiche e pie melodie corali creano un’atmosfera festosa per un sereno periodo natalizio. Musica strumentale che ti invita a cantare insieme o illumina il mercatino di Natale.

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